Creative Group

The Creator has Created us to be Creative!

Mustang Naz Creative Group

What exactly is the "Creative Group?"

At MustangNaz, we use our Creative Group as a place to develop many important aspects of our worship experiences through the following ways:

  • Preparing music for our Sunday Services.
  • Developing graphic design, stage design, and digital media.
  • Participating in beautification projects around our building and in the community around us.

You don't have to be a trained musician or accomplished artist to participate and bring value to our Creative just have to be yourself!

Our goal is that the Creative Group is designed to be a place where anyone who desires to grow in worshipful ways will be supported and encouraged to do so.

Here's what a typical Creative Group looks like...

Ice Breaker

Devotional/Creative Project

Prayer Time

Worship Songs

We meet every Wednesday @ 6:30 in the Sanctuary! We hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Events

Friday April 28th we’re hosting A Night of Worship @ 7 PM in “The Porch.” Join us for an evening of guided praise and prayer!