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Join us as we begin our new study ~ "The Good and Beautiful You", Sundays @ 9:30 AM in Room 301!

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Join us as we begin our new study using the book ~ The Good and Beautiful You ~ Discovering the Person Jesus Created You to Be.

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The Christian faith is not only about belief and practices, it is also about the kind of people that we become.

Yet some of the biggest barriers to our transformation come from our toxic self-narratives. These narratives shape the way we see ourselves and the way we interact in the world. God designed us with a deep longing in our souls to be wanted, loved, alive, and connected to God. Healing our souls requires more than knowing what God thinks about us. Our healing comes not through reason alone, but through revelation.

“The best practice I have seen in Christian spiritual formation” was Dallas Willard’s endorsement of the Good and Beautiful series a decade ago. Now this fourth book in the series, The Good and Beautiful You, addresses the self-narratives that hinder spiritual growth and the desires of the soul that only God can satisfy. James Bryan Smith reminds us how Scripture reveals the beauty and goodness of our own souls and how we long for healing that only God can provide. Complete with spiritual practices that help us live into that reality, The Good and Beautiful You will serve as a welcome companion on your journey to discover who you truly are in Christ.

This group is led by Pastor Brett and meets Sundays @ 9:30 AM in Room 301. We hope to see you there!

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