Wednesday Bible Studies

Wednesday Bible Studies @ Mustang Naz

Vices & Virtues

Do you have a vice? Something that has become a habit or pattern of action in your life! Not all habits are wrong or bad or harmful to you and others, but one thing about habits is they become character-shaping and determine who we become.

Over a sixteen-week period, we will examine both vices and virtues, along with means of grace that when recognized and addressed can help us avoid destructive patterns in pursuit of Christ-like virtues. The bridge between a vice and a virtue is what we call a means of grace.

You are invited to join us on Wednesday nights in Room 301 at 6:30pm as we explore age-old vices, time-tested virtues, and life-giving means of grace.

Led by Pastor Steve

Ladies' Prayer Group

Cherise Hopper and I will be leading together.

This is a prayer-focused group. Occasionally, we also do a book study.

We are trusting in God to lead this class and those that participate.

This group meets in Room 302 @ 6:30 PM!

Led by Robyn & Cherise

Discipled By Jesus Group

Every Wednesday we have a group that utilizes the Discipled by Jesus method of teaching and thinking.

To help facilitate important spiritual conversations, we utilize a method of teaching called “Discipled By Jesus.”

Discipled By Jesus focuses on reading the Bible together and asking the following rhythm of questions in each session:

  1. What is Jesus saying to us through his word? (Learning the mind of Jesus)
  2. Who is Jesus to you through this passage? (Learning the nature of Jesus)
  3. What has Jesus done for or through you? (Learning the activity of Jesus)
  4. How can you serve your community better? (Learning the desires of Jesus)
  5. What are you believing Jesus for? (Learning the power of Jesus)

This group meets in Room 304 @ 6:30 PM!

Led by Steve & Pastor Nate

Upcoming Events

Training for Foster Parents! Starting date has yet to be determined.